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q. why do i need pest control in the winter?
different pests are active at different times of the year. during the winter, many of the pests you noticed earlier in the year may have gone dormant. while some may die off, those that remain are the ones that will be emerging in the spring. most people see the same pests year after year because they only treat when they see the bugs. just because you dont see bugs doesnt mean they arent there. bugs need to be warm in cold weather just as much as we do. that is why we will usually treat inside during the winter time to get to bugs in places like the basement or garage where were more likely to be able to access their winter hiding places. some pests that can be active during the winter include: mice, rats, spiders, lady beetles, box elder bugs, springtails.

q. my house is brand new, why do i need pest control?
during construction, houses can be left unprotected to the environment until the last stages of development where siding or brickwork begins. as earth is excavated and disturbed, so are the nests of insects and rodents. many insects and eggs can also be present as new homeowners and surrounding neighbors start landscaping and introducing turf and mulch. pests eventually find harborage within walls of the home, seeking shelter from the elements and predators. most people dont notice a barrage of pests inside initially because most bugs are content to stay within the walls. this is a perfect time to start a regular service program before the bugs start to make their way into the home.

q. i dont know what kind of bug i have?
there are literally thousands of insect species. many can be difficult to identify. with our broad spectrum treatment, you can be assured that ready pest control will find the best products and methods for each situation.

q. i'm rarely home, how can i be serviced?
no problem! you dont have to be home to enjoy the benefits of ready pest control. in fact, most of the services during the warm months will be done primarily on the outside. the perimeter treatments are very effective at penetrating nests deep within the walls of your home. should you need an inside appointment, we offer convenient evening and saturday times.

q. i have children and pets, will the products you use be harmful to them?
when we treat inside the home, we target those areas where there is activity. by treating in cracks and crevices we are able to effectively treat areas where bugs live that are out of the way of children and pets. we also use ecosmart products which are made from botanical products such as plant oils, so you can be assured that any product we use in or around your home will be family-friendly.

q. do i really need a regular service? why cant you get rid of all the pests in one visit?
in most cases, the insects you notice did not arrive there in a day and it takes time to eradicate the source of these insects. the insects you see are usually an indication of a further pest problem. by treating throughout the year, we are able to focus on the pests that are active at each time period. it is important to keep your home protected as most products break down over time and lose their effectiveness.